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Join Our Sharing Program

A Win/Win Model

You teach an academic course in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug design, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, molecular modeling etc... Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel, use material in your presentation (e.g Powerpoint etc..). Chery picks from a large collection of high-quality topics and media. In return, you will give back new content to

You decide what content to contribute. The only requirement is quality. Make your contribution to high-quality standards by investing time in your story. Involve your students in its creation. Let's extend together the content of and make it the best drug discovery resource.


Copyright Warning

If you don't want to join the sharing program, you still can direct your students to the site but you cannot use material in your Powerpoint/Google slide etc.... (see copyright details)

Create Your Own Course

By joining the sharing program you can get a dedicated subdomain (e.g. In your sub-domain, you will organize the content of in the way you want and give access to your students as supplement lecture material or in a computer lab class. (see more details)

How to Enroll

Send an email to with the following details.


  • Name: _________
  • Institution/University: _________
  • Course(s): _________
  • Your email: _________ (this information will not be disclosed)
  • Topic(s) you want to share: _________ (can be changed after)

You will receive an email with the enrolled confirmation and more details on how to share new content. Your name and institution will be added to the enrolled list page. We expect your contribution to be done in a 6 months window.



  • Someone in my University has already contributed, can I use content for my course
    • No the sharing program is per individual
  • is the sharing program only for an academic institution
    • Yes
  • What is the minimum content, do I need to contribute
    • There is no minumum content
  • When onboarding the "sharing program" can I use material immediately or should I contribute first?
    • You can use the material immediately.