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About Me

My name is Elie, I have been working with my father N. Claude Cohen for more than 12 years on Molecular Conceptor. The last year I have been pretty busy transforming "Molecular Conceptor" content to work in a browser. Unfortunately, I had to give up on 3D molecules which was a key feature of the original software, and switch to gif pictures. I want drugdesign.org the new beginning of something great and big. Deciding that content should be free is challenging and I hope the donation will cover the maintenance and development of drugdesign.org.

Contact me

You can contact me at drugdesign@yahoo.com I will be glad to hear your feedback, suggestions, etc... The source of truth of drugdesign.org is based on this Github repo. The best way to submit text modifications or suggestions is to create a Pull Request (PR in Github jargon). If you don't have any Github experience, just write to me.